Technology is awesome and is progressing in its awesomeness every day!  You can do just about anything from your phone or tablet, which is incredibly convenient! The most recent example of technology amazingness is something that all of my clients will get the benefit of!  It is called PASS and it is a Cloud Based […]

Yesterday was the Dream Wedding Show at Cal Expo! This is the fourth year that we have participated in this show and it was just as wonderful as years past!  Trevor and I spent all day (ok from 11am – 4pm) talking to hundreds of lovely bride and grooms to be! There were a lot […]

My name is Erica Baldwin and I pretty much love anything that sounds like fun. I also watch a healthy amount reality singing competitions even though most of the musicians don’t make it big (aside from a few). I love to eat breakfast for dinner. Nothing is better than bacon, eggs, and hash browns in […]

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