Technology Update – Hello Digital Downloading, Goodbye DVD’s!

Technology is awesome and is progressing in its awesomeness every day!  You can do just about anything from your phone or tablet, which is incredibly convenient!

The most recent example of technology amazingness is something that all of my clients will get the benefit of!  It is called PASS and it is a Cloud Based Digital Download Delivery System, rather than providing DVD’s that could break in the mail or stop working for some reason… or heaven forbid get lost!

This is a great advancement not only because it is a much easier delivery system (for me AND for my clients) but most new computers don’t even have a DVD drive in them anymore!  Because of a constant changing in technology and the hottest new things, I pride myself in offering the latest and greatest options to my clients!

PASS is incredibly easy to use from your Computer, Tablet, and Mobile Device, and what do we love more than user friendly stuff?  Nothing!

Here’s what the system looks like, and there is even a free App you can download!


Let’s take a closer look, shall we?  Below is what it will look like if you’re browsing on your computer.


There are Left Panel Options (See those three horizontal lines at the top left corner?  Go ahead.  Click It!  I dare you!) that will show you options on viewing different folders within your session or event!



You can click on a photo thumbnail at any time to see a larger view, which will look like this!

Right Panel Options

See those options on the right?  Those are all of your awesome sharing options for this photo!  Twitter!  Facebook!  Pinterest!  Email! and you can also mark them as a favorite, download the file to your desktop, and soon you can also order professional prints through it as well!

Save and Share Options

Want to see the mobile versions?  Here you go!  This is what it looks like in your iPad or Tablet… Pretty neat right?! You will see the folder options and all you have to do is tap one to open it and browse the photos within!  You can do all the fun sharing and downloading on your iPad and Tablet as well!

iPad photo copy

Ready for the iPhone version now?  Sure you are!  It’s super easy!  All the same options, all the same coolness!  The green down arrow is your download and the blue F is for Facebook Sharing!


Don’t have an account to view or save favorites?  No problem!  It is easy to sign up OR you can just log in with your Facebook Account, which makes it even easier for direct sharing!

Sign In

Please feel free to browse the following PASS Galleries to get a feel for them, you will love it!  I know that I do!

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